I can’t believe I actually had this conversation.

C: How do we install the car seat into your VW GTI?
Me: uhh, good question.
Internet: blah blah blah adaptor, blah blah blah only one anchor point and that’s in the middle of the back seat of your awesome, fast, fun little rally car. PS neither of you are agile enough to haul a kid in and out of there a million times a day.
C: O_o
Dodge dealership guy: Why yes we can trade you pretty much straight across. 1 awesome little rally car for 1 child friendly, functional vehicle.
Me: sigh
C: I can’t believe I have a minivan.
On the up side it has a DVD player in the roof and it has room for kids, dogs and whatever else I want to stuff in there. It’s a really nice vehicle and it’s growing on me quickly.

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1 Response to I can’t believe I actually had this conversation.

  1. cricketB says:

    Now you’ll fit right in at the highway rest stops on long weekends.
    The minivan we test drove was owned by the sales rep. (Not sure why they didn’t have a new, unused one for test drives.) Liked everything about the van, but his kid’s car seat didn’t have tether strap anchored. We mentioned it. He was unconcerned. We asked how to attach it. He didn’t know. Dealer in next city didn’t know (no young kids) and immediately asked mechanic, who knew. (Free kit with bolt and loop, installed for free.) Easy sale.

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