Andy is Here!

Well, actually Andy is 4 weeks old. Andrew Craig Robert Baier was born at 5:18PM on December 6, 2012. He weighed 6 lbs 9 oz.

It was an interesting day. His heart rate dropped several times, his cord was around his neck and he got stuck on the way out. We avoided an emergency c-section by moments (and forceps); we were both a little roughed up. Many thanks to the staff at the hospital and to my OB all of whom did an amazing job getting us through it.

Since then we’ve had a trip back to the hospital for a night under the jaundice lights, the challenge of learning to feed a very sleepy newborn and an investigation into some health issues that are turning out to be nothing except a way to scare the shit out of me. Tomorrow we see the pediatrician for an official healthy baby report.

Clint is turning out to be an amazing dad and has been a huge help, especially in the first 2 weeks when I was recovering.

So, here we are, a family. I’ve never been so happy (or tired).

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2 Responses to Andy is Here!

  1. Grandma says:

    Wonderful family
    Lucky baby

  2. Fantastic news! Sorry you had such a time – but glad it’s all working out for you both! Am going to follow you, as you did me when I began this blogging lark! Sure the news will be good from now on!

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