Yesterday was the Inuvik Autostation

For two weeks we’re based out of Inuvik working on some of the equipment here and some of the remote sites. Yesterday we worked on the automatic climate station.

The instrument field at the Inuvik Autostation. The white box on a pole houses a YSI thermistor (temperature) and an HMP probe (humidity). The satellite dish isn't part of it.

The open box behind the truck holds the datalogger, the modem, lightning protection boards and some electronics. The datalogger collects the info from the sensors and compiles the data. I can also plug my laptop into it and talk to the station. The pipe with the cone hanging off it (in front of the truck) measures snow depth.

This is a TB3, it measures rate of rainfall. We're testing it in this pic.

This is a GEONOR all weather precipitation gauge.

This is the precip catcher with the cover off. It measures falling rain and snow by weight. The dangely metal bits keep blowing snow out.

The airplane looking thing is called an RM Young, it measures wind speed and direction. The pointy bit is a lightning rod.

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2 Responses to Yesterday was the Inuvik Autostation

  1. Douglas says:

    So how does it measure rain if it’s coming down sideways?

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