Bear Guard

Today I am bear guard for a level 5 tech who is doing a quarterly inspection on the automatic weather station at CFB Cold Lake. It’s a bit different from the stuff I usually work on but it’s still cool.

In order to be allowed on the range we had to sit through the range course. Basically, a Master Corporal stands in front of you and tells you not to touch anything over and over for an hour. It’s times like this I really miss the army. I’m sure it will wear off.

As bear guard, it’s my job to wander around and be alert for bears that want to play with our stuff while we’re working or want to eat us. It’s usually the first one. I have bear spray and bangers to use should anything come up but it probably won’t.

Now, because I’m on a base, I’m well trained and I like my security clearance, here’s a pic of a neat spider I saw today instead of pics of airforce stuff.


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4 Responses to Bear Guard

  1. Kel says:

    did you say “hi” to Neil for me?
    p.s. it’s spiders like that that changed my mind about tso 😉

  2. Debbie says:

    Josh wants to know if the spider was dead or alive…

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