Fort Reliance

Tuesday we took a Turbo Beaver on floats to Fort Reliance. We landed and docked at Trophy Lodge. They rent cabins and fishing boats. Some year I hope to try the fishing here. It looks like it would be a good time.

Turbo Beaver at Trophy Lodge

The view from the Fort Reliance autostation

The view from the roof

The beach near where we were working. The things I do for my job...

This is a video of the float plane taking off. Turn your volume off if you play it. The sound is horrible and I can’t figure out how to mute it.

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2 Responses to Fort Reliance

  1. Kel says:

    aw man! you win. the one way i have never landed…on water. good for you! is it fun!?

    • hthrb says:

      woo! winning is awesome! Water landings are fun in that “holy shit this could go horribly wrong at any moment” way. In other words, yes, it’s great!

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