Today (Wednesday) we took a Piper Navajo to the autostation at Lupin Mine. It was great to ride on a slightly bigger aircraft than yesterday. Compared to the Turbo Beaver, this one allows for legroom, it goes way faster (300km/hr instead of 180) and it can go higher (so the ride is a bit less bumpy). I forgot to get a picture of the Navajo though.

This is the mine as we circled to land:

We had some company as we worked today. There was a bird of prey circling us. I’m not sure what it was though. My best guess is a golden eagle.

There was also a young caribou who wandered past. He sure looked puzzled by us, well, when he wasn’t busy grazing.


Ok, so, I realise the picture doesn’t show it but when you’re walking up to it the rocks totally look like a miniature Fortress of Solitude

almost cool rocks

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