Yesterday (Friday) we drove in to our penultimate site of this trip. Garden River is a small community of about 500 people just inside Wood Buffalo National Park. The most interesting thing about it is getting there. Last time I was there we drove on a corduroy road for the last 50 Km or so. This year they’re in the process of building a gravel road. This is the new, improved, under construction road:

This is the station from where we abandon the truck:


The actual work at Garden River went pretty smoothly so we decided to get Fort Vermillion done too. The station there is at the Agriculture Canada compound. It’s a great spot to work, it’s well maintained and things usually go smoothly.

Once we were done at Fort Vermillion we had to pick between: drive an hour back to High Level and have an 8 hour drive home Saturday; and drive 4 hours to Peace River and have a 5 hour drive Saturday, we went with Peace River.

We went the quiet back way between Fort Vermillion and Peace River.

This is Northern Alberta farmland (the camera was crooked, oops)


This one is the La Crete ferry across the Peace River


As it happens, Clint was headed to Peace River to visit his family Friday after work because this trip was initially planed to take until Monday. We’re done everything 2 days early and the level 5 tech I was with said he didn’t mind if I stayed with Clint so here I am in Peace River helping my in-laws build their new deck. Life is not boring.

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