Yesterday I woke up in Seattle and fell asleep in Jasper. Clint and I went down to Seattle because C has always wanted to see an NFL game and the Seahawks were playing the day before his birthday. It was a pretty amazing trip. The football game was like nothing else I’ve ever seen. 70 000 people making noise like you wouldn’t believe. And that was only the ones inside! We also saw Pikes market, including the first Starbucks; the oldest comic book shop in the US; the EMP; and a bunch of stuff to do next time!

The thing was my journeyman was also planning a trip to Jasper this week. He left Monday and the helicopter is booked for today. (Jasper has the dubious honour of being my favourite place in the whole world.) So, I left home Friday, spent an incredible weekend with the boy, landed at YEG Monday at 1730, drove an hour home, changed bags, jumped in my little red car and pulled into Jasper at 2300 just in time to pass out so I could get in on the helicopter ride today.

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