Wednesday morning

was still foggy and rainy. We met the Park warden (or whatever his job title is now) at 8 and he asked us to delay until later. That was no problem. We still had the Jasper Warden site to do. That took most of the morning. The fog had started to lift but not quite enough so we went for lunch. It was a good thing we ate when we did because just as we pulled into the hotel to check our e-mail we got the call to fly. (YES!)

We did 2 fly in sites. The first one was Willow Creek (I might have the name wrong)

on the way to Willow Creek

Willow Creek Station

Willow Creek Area

More Willow scenery (and my finger)

yep, scenery

Then we flew to Devona

en route to Devona

The view from the ridge we landed on

The view the other way from the ridge

Devona Station

Somedays my job doesn't suck at all


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