Close to Home Doesn’t Mean Uneventful

The plan: Drive to Red Earth, install new cell modem, drive to Whitecourt, sleep, fix wind sensor, drive to Edson, do semi-annual maintenance, drive home, victory!

What actually happened: Winter noticed us for a minute so the drive to Red Earth was slightly treacherous. One hazard we encountered was hundreds and hundreds of little white and black birds were sitting on the road. I almost missed them all. We got one on the windscreen and two in the grill. Eventually, we made it safely to the station and installed the new cell modem with no troubles.

We headed out to Whitecourt happy and proud of ourselves. It always feels good when new (to us) technology works.

Sadly, every room in Whitecourt was booked. Granted we didn’t try the sketchy motels that look like they’re from a Stephen King novel. Whitecourt is only an hour and a half from home so we just called the trip over. We’ll do Whitecourt, and Edson next week on the Hendrickson Creek trip.

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