One big question we had about bringing a baby home was how the dogs would react. Spoiler: It turns out fine.

Kody: 110lb Female German Shepherd 12 years old.

Initially: super excited and a bit puzzled why Andy wasn’t given to her to raise like the puppies and kittens that come to our house.

Most commonly used phrases: Gently! and Go lay down!

After a few days: Very loyal and quiet, stays out of the nursery (mostly). Comes to get me if Andy cries. Hasn’t left our side.

Most commonly used phrases: Good dog! Andy’s fine.

Loki: 80 lb male lab/blue heeler cross (???) 10 years old (???) rescue dog

Initially: apprehensive, spent a lot of time hiding at the back door

Most commonly used phrases: It’s ok buddy; We still love you.

After a few days: gentle and curious. still my shadow.

Most commonly used phrases: good boy; hey, don’t eat that

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