Andy and Kody


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One big question we had about bringing a baby home was how the dogs would react. Spoiler: It turns out fine.

Kody: 110lb Female German Shepherd 12 years old.

Initially: super excited and a bit puzzled why Andy wasn’t given to her to raise like the puppies and kittens that come to our house.

Most commonly used phrases: Gently! and Go lay down!

After a few days: Very loyal and quiet, stays out of the nursery (mostly). Comes to get me if Andy cries. Hasn’t left our side.

Most commonly used phrases: Good dog! Andy’s fine.

Loki: 80 lb male lab/blue heeler cross (???) 10 years old (???) rescue dog

Initially: apprehensive, spent a lot of time hiding at the back door

Most commonly used phrases: It’s ok buddy; We still love you.

After a few days: gentle and curious. still my shadow.

Most commonly used phrases: good boy; hey, don’t eat that

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Hours old


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Headed home


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Andy is Here!

Well, actually Andy is 4 weeks old. Andrew Craig Robert Baier was born at 5:18PM on December 6, 2012. He weighed 6 lbs 9 oz.

It was an interesting day. His heart rate dropped several times, his cord was around his neck and he got stuck on the way out. We avoided an emergency c-section by moments (and forceps); we were both a little roughed up. Many thanks to the staff at the hospital and to my OB all of whom did an amazing job getting us through it.

Since then we’ve had a trip back to the hospital for a night under the jaundice lights, the challenge of learning to feed a very sleepy newborn and an investigation into some health issues that are turning out to be nothing except a way to scare the shit out of me. Tomorrow we see the pediatrician for an official healthy baby report.

Clint is turning out to be an amazing dad and has been a huge help, especially in the first 2 weeks when I was recovering.

So, here we are, a family. I’ve never been so happy (or tired).

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Fake Geek Girls

There has been a lot of talk lately about fake geek girls. As a naturally nerdy female raised to be geek I wanted to say something about all this.

Stop It.

My dad read me The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as well as Dr Seuss, The Wind in the Willows and Winnie the Pooh. I was 10 when I learned to play D&D. Tom Baker was my first Doctor but Jon Pertwee was my favourite. I also love the new ones.
My brothers were more into comics than me but I have a working knowledge of most of the big ones. Star Wars was a theme of my childhood and remains something I love (most of) to this day. Star Trek is good too.

All of the above “geek cred” makes me no more or less interesting or worthwhile than someone who has just jumped on the bandwagon. It’s ok to love stuff. It’s fantastic that society is more willing to accept us showing our enthusiasm than when I was in school.

Speaking of school; yeah, I did get picked on. That’s not geek cred, that’s something bad that happened in the past. I’m over it and I’m glad that we’re working toward stopping that kind of behavior (we still have a long way to go).

To the girl (yes girl) who called me a fake geek the other week. I’m sorry you think that’s how we treat each other. Next time you say “OMG I Love Dr. Who! That’s an awesome shirt” to someone try not to make it a contest and try not to call names if you lose. I would have been willing to be friends.

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I can’t believe I actually had this conversation.

C: How do we install the car seat into your VW GTI?
Me: uhh, good question.
Internet: blah blah blah adaptor, blah blah blah only one anchor point and that’s in the middle of the back seat of your awesome, fast, fun little rally car. PS neither of you are agile enough to haul a kid in and out of there a million times a day.
C: O_o
Dodge dealership guy: Why yes we can trade you pretty much straight across. 1 awesome little rally car for 1 child friendly, functional vehicle.
Me: sigh
C: I can’t believe I have a minivan.
On the up side it has a DVD player in the roof and it has room for kids, dogs and whatever else I want to stuff in there. It’s a really nice vehicle and it’s growing on me quickly.

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Out of the field

So, I’m not traveling this summer. That’s because I’m currently 7 and 1/2 month pregnant. Considering we were told we couldn’t have kids naturally without costly, non-guaranteed medical intervention we were caught a little by surprise. Everyone is incredibly happy and excited. Things are going well so far.

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Some Days My Job Doesn’t Suck At All


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The last three days it rained. It rained like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It was like someone was dumping a very large bucket on us. For a while there it looked like Oahu was going to wash away. Not much happened on those days but Clint and I played in the rain.

Wet husband beside a statue.

wet me beside a statue

what the statue was

After that we got on the plane and came home.

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