Plan B

Instead of flying Tuesday we drove up to the Colombia Icefields to do the two stations in that area.

Sask River crossing:

Sask River Crossing station

and Sunwapta:

Even a foggy, rainy day in Jasper is better than anyday anywhere else.

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No helicopter for you!

Well, there was no helicopter yesterday. This is why:

Why the helicopter didn't fly Tuesday

Yep. Fog, rain, drizzle, low cloud and behind it all:

Fog hiding a mountain

It’s a bad idea to fly anything when you can’t see. It’s an especially bad idea to fly helicopters near mountains when you cant see. So the cool bit was postponed.

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Yesterday I woke up in Seattle and fell asleep in Jasper. Clint and I went down to Seattle because C has always wanted to see an NFL game and the Seahawks were playing the day before his birthday. It was a pretty amazing trip. The football game was like nothing else I’ve ever seen. 70 000 people making noise like you wouldn’t believe. And that was only the ones inside! We also saw Pikes market, including the first Starbucks; the oldest comic book shop in the US; the EMP; and a bunch of stuff to do next time!

The thing was my journeyman was also planning a trip to Jasper this week. He left Monday and the helicopter is booked for today. (Jasper has the dubious honour of being my favourite place in the whole world.) So, I left home Friday, spent an incredible weekend with the boy, landed at YEG Monday at 1730, drove an hour home, changed bags, jumped in my little red car and pulled into Jasper at 2300 just in time to pass out so I could get in on the helicopter ride today.

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Rapid Response Weather Techs

While we were in the Ft Simpson area the wind speed detector at the Wrigly airport failed. My journeyman and I lept (sorta) into action and got on the charter the guys in Edmonton booked for us and ran out to Wrigly. It took us an hour and a bit to get there, 10 minutes to replace the part and an hour to fly back to Simpson.

The charter company has the best name of any that I’ve been on so far, even if it was in some guy’s back yard.

That was Saturday morning. Saturday afternoon we finished up the upgrade at Lindberg Landing and Sunday I came home. Yay!


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Nahanni Out of the Park

We took the scenic route on the way out of the park.

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Nahanni Part the Second

The second site was about a 15 minute hop from the first.

This is me beside the A-Star helicopter. Our pilot Fred was awesome.

This is the station:

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Nahanni National Park First Station

Two of the stations we worked on were in Nahanni National Park. We took a helicopter to get there. It was great!

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Fort Simpson

Fort Simpson is at the confluence of the MacKenzie and the Liard rivers. We did the inspection of the autostation there the first day then we travelled from there to the sites in the area. Here’s a pic of the rivers. The MacKenzie is on the left the Liard is the one on the right.

Our first station out of Simpson was Lindberg Landing. It’s actually on the grounds of the Lindberg’s Bed and Breakfast. It was very cool but I forgot to take pictures. We didn’t get everything done on the first day because it was a really major upgrade so we went back later in the week.

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Sambaa Deh Falls

From Fort Providence we went to Fort Simpson where we worked out of for the next few days. On the way we stopped at the Sambaa Deh Falls on the Trout River.

Click on the one above this.. I think it’s neat.

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Fort Providence

Woo! Internet. I’m home from the latest trip. Sadly there wasn’t good enough internet to post pics from the road this time but here they are now:

The first stop was Fort Providence. The inspection was fairly uneventful but here’s the progress on the bridge they’re building across the MacKenzie:

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